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The Psychology Of Persuasion Stopping Cigarettes

There is a new field in marketing called persuasion psychology, the skill to get you to buy what they want you to buy. This same psychology is what got you to start smoking and can be used to help you quit cigarettes for life.

If you think back to when you started smoking there were specific influences. Family and friends typically. You wanted to fit in to be a part of a group and be accepted.

Perhaps you bought the story that smoking made you look older, or cool or more sophisticated. This was the aim of the big smoking companies, each had their own image.

The rugged cowboy on a horse, the classy woman or man beautifully dressed often in luxurious surroundings. Our crashing through the jungle in a four-wheel drive only stopping to light up a smoke.

Cigarette companies aligned with sports advertising, selling you a subtle message that smoking and sports were compatible.

Hollywood showed us how cool it is to smoke, how it seemed that smelling like an ashtray was somehow sexy and desirable.

Others bought the message that smoking was a rebellious thing to do. Their parents warned them about the dangers and yet they rebel by smoking, putting out of their minds the health problems and many believe that either they will quit easily when they are ready or that they won’t get cancer.

Millions of people were persuaded to smoke by one form of psychology or another, either intentionally in the case of cigarette companies or by osmosis through friends and family.

The good news is that persuasion methods can be used for both good and evil. You can quickly be subtly persuaded to stop cigarettes. The most successful of these methods is hypnosis.

The best part is that this process happens quickly because in the hypnotic state learning is achieved at an accelerated rate. This happens because we bi-pass the all the resistance and doubt of the conscious mind.

We don’t have to struggle against the conscious minds memories of all the stories of people who found quitting smoking difficult. In hypnosis these stories are of no interest, the unconscious mind just relaxes, and takes on the new information and let’s go of the old.

It’s a bit like working with a computer, garbage in garbage out but good data in, then good data out, it’s almost as simple as that, all that is required in addition is that you want the result.

Your First Three Weeks As A Non Smoker

The first three weeks of making an important change in your life is the most critical time. Your experience will determine in those critical days will determine your outcome.

Most people when they quit smoking struggle and suffer, during those first three weeks and this often results in failure. The flow on effect is a strengthened belief that quitting is difficult, and painful, so that when you make another attempt you are unconsciously set up to fail. And unfortunately fail is what most people will do.

This is why so many government quit ads encourage people to keep on trying, all the while causing further frustration.

This three week period is the time when your unconscious mind fights back. It thinks it is protecting you from this scary change which is occurring. You have a long history of smoking thoughts and feelings locked away.

Memories of thousands of cigarettes connected to fun times, family events, happy times and sad times all shared with a stick of tobacco lodged firmly between your lips. All locked away in your unconscious mind, keeping alive the belief that smoking feels good, even if it doesn’t.

At least that’s how it was before society forced you outside in the cold and the rain, or down lane ways in cities, shunned by polite society, and endlessly nagged by the health police.

The reason hypnosis is so successful is that, because it separates you from the triggers and habit side, it makes the initial transition period so much easier. But also because there is a built in follow up system which makes the whole process work so much smoother.

Hypnosis is a multi-step process. During your consultation suggestions and recommendations will be made for you to act on in the next few weeks.

An example is creating new positive habits which will enhance your wellbeing, keep you focussed on being a healthy person and away from cigarettes.

Or spending some time daily consciously relaxing without a phone, television or a computer and allowing yourself some time to do nothing more than let the surface of your mind just stop for a while.

Exercise and a good diet of course will all support your quitting. But don’t forget to treat yourself. After all you have a lot more cash in your pocket. You have just given yourself a huge pay rise, so enjoy and celebrate your new life as a non smoker.

Becoming Aware Of The Effects

If you wake up each morning with a cough that vibrates through your house you are aware of the effects of smoking.

If you puff hard walking up some stairs you are aware how smoking is reducing your fitness.

If having a smoke takes precedence over time with your children then you’re aware of the emotional cost of smoking.

If you know someone who has had lung cancer or emphysema then you’re aware of the serious consequences.

If you smoke a pack a day, then you’re aware that it’s costing you $5000 a year.

If you’re standing outside a restaurant or cafĂ© or social function you’re aware of what smoking is costing you socially.

If you’re smoking in a dirty alley at lunch time in the city because of the new rules you’re aware that life isn’t quite working out the way you planes.

If you’re the guy wandering through the herb garden at South Bank in Brisbane and can’t smell all the fragrances you’re aware of the many things you’re missing out on.

If you would like a new relationship but fear that smelling like an ashtray may be an impediment, then you are probably right.

If you think that no one knows you smoke wake up and smell the roses, a non-smoker can always tell.

If you think that you will be spared from serious smoking related illness then it may be time to be aware that you don’t have super powers.

But what about all the things that are happening inside you every time you smoke. Have you ever thought about why you cough or get short of breath. Or what happens to that smoke after you suck it into your lungs, as it enters your heart before it gets pumped through your arteries and back to the heart, leaving traces all along the way.

Few people think about these things. I have clients breathe out smoke into a tissue, which leaves a dirty yellow stain and causes them to think about their insides. It’s not pleasant.

If you are ready to quit then perhaps you could become aware of hypnosis which is the most successful quitting method by a long shot.

After quitting you will quickly become aware of being able to breathe easier.

Actually tasting food for a change. Smelling the herb garden, having lunch in the sunshine not an alley, waking up breathing fresh air, knowing your clothes and hair smell clean and not wondering if a customer or client or dinner date can smell the stale cigarettes on you.

You can smell the coffee again with hypnosis he fastest way to quit smoking.

You Are Not Your Smoking Habit

A client once said to me that he couldn’t remember an important time in his life when he didn’t have a cigarette with him.

It’s common for people to say that their smoke is their friend, many believe that they are too addicted to quit or that they can’t manage their stressful lives but no matter how addicted you think you are, you are much more than your smoking habit, and you deserve much more out of life.

Imagine for a moment back when you were a child. You had hopes and dreams for your future, but then you see a picture of someone whose life seems to be dictated by a routine of topping up with nicotine.

Your fingers are stained, your lungs feel heavy and every morning that cough seems to last longer. You see you have spent a fortune on cigarettes and all you got in return was having to stand outside at restaurants and family functions.

Of course you realise that you are not your smoking habit, but unfortunately society sees you as the person who is quickly becoming the social outcast, people treat you differently, especially when they can smell tobacco on you.

Judgements are made about you, perhaps unfairly, but you are up against an increasingly negative bias against smokers. You then get the bad news from the doctor, a strange feeling in your chest which you tried to ignore turned out to be the very thing that you felt sure would never affect you.

I’m sure this isn’t how you expected your life to pan out, the good news is that you can consign most of this to the past and move on. Plus hopefully you can head off any of the serious consequences, and you will absolutely have a lot more cash freed up for the important things in life.

Quitting can appear to be too hard for many people who have smoked for a long time and had a strong relationship with cigarettes, even if it’s not the kind of relationship you would tolerate with another person.

One where your so called friend steals from your wallet daily, keeps you away from others and eventually takes your health as well. Hypnosis is the most successful way to quit, add to that specific conscious strategies and you have a powerful combination to free you from that habit which turned into a potential nightmare.

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