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Creating A New Life Management System

We all like to think that we are in charge of or lives, but I’m here to tell you that as a smoker you have given over a very important aspect of your life management to cigarettes.

You may disagree but what is in control of your stress management or relaxation. What is your first port of call in a time of stress or crisis? You know that its cigarettes. You have found something outside of you to handle your internal world.

Unfortunately there are two problems here.

1. Cigarettes to not manage stress, but they do make it worse. It is simple bio-chemistry; just add nicotine to a human, after a brief feeling of wellbeing the body produces adrenalin and the stress hormone cortisol.

Given that humans all have the same endocrine systems then every smoker feels more stressed by smoking.

2. Your chosen method for stress management will possibly kill you and highly likely to make you very ill.

So by now you are becoming aware that you need a new life management system. Firstly you need to decide that your current way is no good for your life.

Next you need to use hypnosis to help you quit smoking and dump this destructive habit for good.

Then you need a better way to relax and to release stress. What you choose will depend on your personality. An active person may choose to exercise daily or at least having a relaxing walk.

Some may choose to read or to spend a little time in nature. But the research shows that some form of meditation works the best.

Before you run a mile you don’t need to be fancy and you don’t need to spend hours doing it. It’s a s simple as sitting in a quiet space and just notice your breath for 10 minutes, start with 5 minutes if it’s too much.

Please note. Only do this if you want less stress in your life, if you want to feel happier and to have a stronger immune system. Don’t do it if you prefer to feel stressed and tired and grumpy.

Research shows that only 10 minutes per day will change the way your brain functions in just two weeks.

I wonder what effect the 200 chemicals from smoking that crossed into your brain every time you smoked have had. The good news is that you can unwind this effect, but your first step is to stop smoking.

How To Give Yourself The Perfect Detox

Occasionally I see clients who are very healthy in all respects other than smoking. It’s the last thing they need to change. Many of them liked to do an occasional detox, but the futility of the process often escapes them.

Even if you have not the slightest interest in healthy practices you can give yourself the best detox in the world by quitting smoking. A traditional detox done properly takes on average six weeks. Within six of quitting your body will undergo an important detox process.

The term detox is often thrown around but many haven’t a clue as to what it actually does. I despair seeing the latest trend in three day or seven day detoxes most of which are just some crazy story in a magazine or a promotion by a health food shop.

Don’t worry you don’t have to get technical quitting will automatically start the process, but there are a few things you can do to facilitate the process. If you have been smoking for years it’s not just your lungs that are congested.

Every cell in your body has been affected by cigarettes. Your liver and kidneys, the major organs of waste processing, in particular have borne the brunt of years of toxic exposure.

To support a faster return to better health you can help the process along. Drink extra water, a lot more if you don’t currently drink much. Six glasses for a couple of weeks will help. This helps your kidneys and ensures your cells are properly hydrated.

That 1000 mg of vitamin C per day and two cups of green tea will help the first phase of liver detoxification.

Two boiled eggs a day provide enough liver active compounds like choline and inositol to drive detoxification.

You can add turmeric to your cooking which also supports liver and digestion.

When you quit it’s always a good idea to go easy on alcohol for a few days especially if you smoke more heavily when you drink. Easing on alcohol is like giving your liver a holiday.

In a usual detox I recommend that clients ease up on the coffee and fatty foods, this is still the best advice but in the case of quitting smoking I don’t like to take away any more pleasures from my client.

Some just naturally ease up on coffee, but it’s not critical. The benefits to you are vast, every cell, every organ and every inch of skin will start to give up its toxic load leaving you much healthier in just a few weeks.

Of course hypnosis makes the quitting process as easy as possible, freeing you from this toxic habit.

Time To Dump The Garbage Stop Cigarettes

Imagine you didn’t take out the garbage in your home; your kitchen would be a mess in a week.

And what if the garbage services didn’t remove the rubbish from your city, it would be stinking chaos.

Your body is like a city where only some of the rubbish is only collected, with lots left behind outside your home on the footpath.

Try as you might your body can’t clean itself of all the garbage delivered when you smoke. I’m sure you don’t like to think of it like that, but that’s the reality. Perhaps you start to view smoking as just garbage in with some garbage out it may move you to making a decision quicker about quitting.

You could also argue that unlike the streets you can’t see the garbage. That’s not strictly true either. Few people just smoke in private, so someone knows. Your skin is a good mirror of your internal environment.

Smoking dramatically ages the skin and leaves tell-tale signs especially around the mouth and eyes, plus the general aged appearance.

You can feel the garbage when you cough in the mornings or when your colds last longer than they should.

Or when you climb the stairs and feel your lungs working harder than they should for your age, and of course when your lungs struggle your heart is in the same boat.

The garbage floats around your arteries visiting every corner of your body on its journey, leaving a little behind. Like some yob driving around throwing their takeaway leftovers out of the window of their car.

In the legs it causes vascular problems leading to amputation, in the lungs its cancer, but don’t forget about your brain.

Some 200 of the 4,000 toxic chemicals in cigarettes can enter your brain. And in a state of delusion you imagine that smoking helps you to think better!

Maybe this is just one of the many delusions you believe as a smoker.

You don’t like to think about having a brain full of garbage but that’s what is your reality. Every cell affected by smoking. Imagine your brain looking like the stains on a serious smokers fingers.

But there is another type of garbage, it’s all the beliefs and triggers, all the reasons you smoke and think it is hard to quit.

Hypnosis is the quickest way to get rid of the thinking garbage and free you from smoking. Once you have quit your body can then tackle the task of cleaning the rest out.

Hypnotherapy Helps You

Hypnotherapy Helps YouTo quit smoking successfully, you must be able to see your future self being free from smoking rather than looking backwards and feeling somehow deprived. Your ability to stop smoking is inside you but your desire to stop smoking must be stronger than the need to continue smoking.

Consciously deciding to stop smoking does not work. Your conscious mind does not make any decision, it is a security guard for your subconscious. The real power, the controller of your actions lies behind the security guard in the subconscious mind. This is how our habits and body language tell the real story of how we feel, not our words. Our words are coming from the conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind helped you to learn how to smoke in the first place and it is reasonable to assume that only your subconscious habit can make the change for you to quit smoking. When you learned how to smoke – remember no-one took to smoking immediately but it was important to learn either to fit in with your friends or to rebel. Unfortunately, as you have matured (hopefully!), the smoker part remains the same and will not change unless you can give it good reason to. This is why no-one can make you stop smoking, you cannot be forced and sometimes if you feel badgered into stopping smoking, your internal rebel will sabotage your efforts as it is really in charge of you.

This is the same process in deciding “I’m not going to smoke today” – straight away you feel the need, the desire to smoke a cigarette, you put yourself near smokers to smell the cigarettes. Why? Two things are happening – “not” is cancelled out by your mind as your mind does not recognise a negative in self talk and you feel deprived as your focus is on what you feel you are missing out on! You are being controlled by your smoker self.

Let’s face it, you are no longer a child, if you want to stop smoking you can and hypnosis gives you the extra edge. Hypnosis is a relaxation in itself and allows your entire system to settle down and be calm so that you are able to deal with situations in your life more effectively. Why is this important? Because this special relaxation is the key to access your subconscious mind. You may think of smoking as being like a friend but it is bad company, sending you down a road of ill health, it is an enemy in disguise.

Picture this: your child (if you are parent) hangs around with a smelly friend. This friend acts as though it is all your child needs, it creates isolation. Your child no longer has to take responsibility. In fact your child continuously to give money and attention to this “friend”. If you take your child out socially, their focus is on how their “friend” is going to fit in.

What do you want to do? You want to stop this “friend” controlling your child.

This is the relationship you have with cigarettes. Your life revolves on where and how you can smoke, it gives you a chance to rebel but who are affecting – only you.

Smoking gives you nothing but smelly breath, smelly clothes, makes you car smell. Even you do not smoke in your home, you know where the cigarettes ashes and butts are. You leave your mark. You know it is socially becoming more and more unacceptable to smoke and no matter how nicely presented you are, you are demonstrating that you really don’t think much of yourself or others by continuing to smoke. There is no such thing as a conscientious smoker.

In the background of a smoker, there is usually a stress management that needs to be addressed, confidence building and some self improvement tools should be offered by your hypnotherapist to help you. There is nothing sophisticated, debonair or cool about smoking. If you want to stop smoking but don’t feel you have the inner resources to be successful, then hypnotherapy can offer that boost.

When the smoke finally clears from your eyes (figuratively and literally), you will see cigarettes for what they really were – a pacifier, controlling you. Isn’t it time you took control of what goes on inside you!

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