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Becoming Aware Of The Effects

If you wake up each morning with a cough that vibrates through your house you are aware of the effects of smoking.

If you puff hard walking up some stairs you are aware how smoking is reducing your fitness.

If having a smoke takes precedence over time with your children then you’re aware of the emotional cost of smoking.

If you know someone who has had lung cancer or emphysema then you’re aware of the serious consequences.

If you smoke a pack a day, then you’re aware that it’s costing you $5000 a year.

If you’re standing outside a restaurant or cafĂ© or social function you’re aware of what smoking is costing you socially.

If you’re smoking in a dirty alley at lunch time in the city because of the new rules you’re aware that life isn’t quite working out the way you planes.

If you’re the guy wandering through the herb garden at South Bank in Brisbane and can’t smell all the fragrances you’re aware of the many things you’re missing out on.

If you would like a new relationship but fear that smelling like an ashtray may be an impediment, then you are probably right.

If you think that no one knows you smoke wake up and smell the roses, a non-smoker can always tell.

If you think that you will be spared from serious smoking related illness then it may be time to be aware that you don’t have super powers.

But what about all the things that are happening inside you every time you smoke. Have you ever thought about why you cough or get short of breath. Or what happens to that smoke after you suck it into your lungs, as it enters your heart before it gets pumped through your arteries and back to the heart, leaving traces all along the way.

Few people think about these things. I have clients breathe out smoke into a tissue, which leaves a dirty yellow stain and causes them to think about their insides. It’s not pleasant.

If you are ready to quit then perhaps you could become aware of hypnosis which is the most successful quitting method by a long shot.

After quitting you will quickly become aware of being able to breathe easier.

Actually tasting food for a change. Smelling the herb garden, having lunch in the sunshine not an alley, waking up breathing fresh air, knowing your clothes and hair smell clean and not wondering if a customer or client or dinner date can smell the stale cigarettes on you.

You can smell the coffee again with hypnosis he fastest way to quit smoking.

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