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Creating A New Life Management System

We all like to think that we are in charge of or lives, but I’m here to tell you that as a smoker you have given over a very important aspect of your life management to cigarettes.

You may disagree but what is in control of your stress management or relaxation. What is your first port of call in a time of stress or crisis? You know that its cigarettes. You have found something outside of you to handle your internal world.

Unfortunately there are two problems here.

1. Cigarettes to not manage stress, but they do make it worse. It is simple bio-chemistry; just add nicotine to a human, after a brief feeling of wellbeing the body produces adrenalin and the stress hormone cortisol.

Given that humans all have the same endocrine systems then every smoker feels more stressed by smoking.

2. Your chosen method for stress management will possibly kill you and highly likely to make you very ill.

So by now you are becoming aware that you need a new life management system. Firstly you need to decide that your current way is no good for your life.

Next you need to use hypnosis to help you quit smoking and dump this destructive habit for good.

Then you need a better way to relax and to release stress. What you choose will depend on your personality. An active person may choose to exercise daily or at least having a relaxing walk.

Some may choose to read or to spend a little time in nature. But the research shows that some form of meditation works the best.

Before you run a mile you don’t need to be fancy and you don’t need to spend hours doing it. It’s a s simple as sitting in a quiet space and just notice your breath for 10 minutes, start with 5 minutes if it’s too much.

Please note. Only do this if you want less stress in your life, if you want to feel happier and to have a stronger immune system. Don’t do it if you prefer to feel stressed and tired and grumpy.

Research shows that only 10 minutes per day will change the way your brain functions in just two weeks.

I wonder what effect the 200 chemicals from smoking that crossed into your brain every time you smoked have had. The good news is that you can unwind this effect, but your first step is to stop smoking.

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