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How To Give Yourself The Perfect Detox

Occasionally I see clients who are very healthy in all respects other than smoking. It’s the last thing they need to change. Many of them liked to do an occasional detox, but the futility of the process often escapes them.

Even if you have not the slightest interest in healthy practices you can give yourself the best detox in the world by quitting smoking. A traditional detox done properly takes on average six weeks. Within six of quitting your body will undergo an important detox process.

The term detox is often thrown around but many haven’t a clue as to what it actually does. I despair seeing the latest trend in three day or seven day detoxes most of which are just some crazy story in a magazine or a promotion by a health food shop.

Don’t worry you don’t have to get technical quitting will automatically start the process, but there are a few things you can do to facilitate the process. If you have been smoking for years it’s not just your lungs that are congested.

Every cell in your body has been affected by cigarettes. Your liver and kidneys, the major organs of waste processing, in particular have borne the brunt of years of toxic exposure.

To support a faster return to better health you can help the process along. Drink extra water, a lot more if you don’t currently drink much. Six glasses for a couple of weeks will help. This helps your kidneys and ensures your cells are properly hydrated.

That 1000 mg of vitamin C per day and two cups of green tea will help the first phase of liver detoxification.

Two boiled eggs a day provide enough liver active compounds like choline and inositol to drive detoxification.

You can add turmeric to your cooking which also supports liver and digestion.

When you quit it’s always a good idea to go easy on alcohol for a few days especially if you smoke more heavily when you drink. Easing on alcohol is like giving your liver a holiday.

In a usual detox I recommend that clients ease up on the coffee and fatty foods, this is still the best advice but in the case of quitting smoking I don’t like to take away any more pleasures from my client.

Some just naturally ease up on coffee, but it’s not critical. The benefits to you are vast, every cell, every organ and every inch of skin will start to give up its toxic load leaving you much healthier in just a few weeks.

Of course hypnosis makes the quitting process as easy as possible, freeing you from this toxic habit.

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