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Smoking Addiction Can Be Overcome

Smoking Addiction Can Be OvercomeIt is one of the most insidious things that humans do and it doesn’t only affect the smoker as many who breathe in the toxic fumes are also at risk. Cancer is the big one and should be warning enough and a strong reason to quite the habit. Unfortunately some would rather die from cancer than give it up. Others, however, want to quit smoking but can’t manage to achieve it. After painful efforts to do so they may then give up trying and return to the habit.

If one is sincere about wanting to quite any addiction they need to examine why they do it in the first place. Why did they take their first puff? Was it because of inducement from someone else or was it because it was a family thing to do? Maybe they did it out of rebelliousness against parents or society. The problem doesn’t go away with discovering the answer to these questions.

It will go away, however, if one takes a different approach. Think of your body as a great gift from God. It was given to you without blemish or need aside from those of essential survival patterns. You have food and water to sustain it and anything else will tarnish or destroy it.

If you give a present to a friend do you want to see him tip acid over it or paint it with stain? How would that make you feel? Transfer that to how God must feel when we do things to our bodies that stain them or put holes in places where they are not meant to be? Look at the rest of your life. Are you happy? Do you get depressed? Have you got major problems you can’t handle? Is smoking a relief mechanism?

If you answer yes to one or all of those questions then you are out of sync with your spirit. Inside you have a link to the Great Creator of the Universe. It leads and guides its own and steers them out of trouble. That link gets severed through the worship of false gods, and they can be anything including cigarettes, money, drugs, and so on.

So the question you need to ask yourself is how much you love God. Do you ever think about it and does it matter to you. If you do then ask the Spirit to help you quit the smokes. In my experience it is possible for you to be healed of the addiction in seconds. Throw the packet away and when an urge to light up strikes turn to the Spirit within and you will overcome it.

The pain of God is reflected in our actions and addictions are the result of a loss of spiritual connection. The Mountain of God is visible now through the Internet where all things are made known and the truth flows to every corner of the world.

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