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The Huge Mistake People Make When They Try To Quit Smoking

If you’re reading this article, then it’s because you’re looking for a way to quit smoking for good.

Why are you looking for a way? Probably because you’ve tried to quit smoking several times and failed. And that’s because quitting smoking is difficult. It’s a habit that’s hard to break.

So often people think that in order to give up cigarettes, all they have to do is pick a day to stop smoking and that’s it. They believe that in some magical way, they’ll wake up on that day and their craving for cigarettes will be gone, or at least diminished enough so that they won’t be desperate for a cigarette any more.

Usually the day they pick is January 1st for their New Year resolution.

But as usual, it doesn’t work.

So what goes wrong? Why can’t smokers stop smoking?

It’s because of the huge mistake they all make.

And that mistake is thinking that smoking is an addiction and all they have to do is stop smoking and their addiction will go away.

But smoking ISN’T an addiction.

It’s a habit.

You see when junkies try to quit, their bodies are so addicted to the drugs they’ve been taking, that they struggle to live without them.

This is why, as soon as they stop taking drugs their bodies react by becoming cold and covered in goose bumps (otherwise known as turkey flesh) which is where the saying “going cold turkey” comes from.

They also progress (or worsen) to having leg spasm, which is also where the saying “kicking the habit” comes from.

Junkies go through a lot of physical and psychological trauma when they quit drugs.

But when smokers quit, all that happens is they want another cigarette and they don’t suffer from adverse effects because their bodies aren’t addicted to nicotine, which is why nicotine patches or nicotine gum don’t work, because your body isn’t craving nicotine. It’s your mind that’s craving the habit of actually smoking a cigarette.

You don’t want to ingest nicotine. You just want to light up a cigarette, taste it, and feel the smoke going down into your lungs and back up again.

THAT’S what you miss. Let’s face it, if nicotine was removed from cigarettes and they still tasted the same, you’d still want to smoke wouldn’t you?

So what can you do?

How can you stop wanting to smoke?

The answer is simple.

You need to stop smoking the same way you started. Gradually.

You didn’t begin as a pack-a-day smoking and you don’t have to stop so abruptly either.

Instead you need to unravel your smoking habit one day and one week at a time, until you wake up one morning and the craving to smoke is gone. Not only is it gone, but you’re glad it’s gone.

You’ve created a brand new non-smoking lifestyle.

Things To Do Before You Attempt To Quit Smoking

In our attempts to raise awareness about lung diseases, we present this article on what goes wrong in the hundreds of unsuccessful cases where people have attempted to, but could not quit smoking. Quitting smoking or as a matter of fact, overcoming any form of addiction is a necessary step in ensuring that your lungs stay healthy and perform optimally. But we all know this – and so do the smokers. Why is it that this knowledge and the warnings, issued on the packets themselves, fail to deter the smokers? The simple and plain reason is that quitting smoking would most probably be the most difficult thing that the addict has done.

Before you lose hope on your aspirations of ridding yourself of the habit of smoking, know that it is difficult but not impossible. The reason, this scary image of being a difficult thing to do was portrayed right at the beginning, is that not realizing this, is the biggest mistake made by smokers while beginning the journey to a smoke free life. They are not mentally prepared for the tough weeks ahead of them while they simply go cold turkey. Then when the withdrawal symptoms hit (and mind it they will hit hard), they start smoking again. This write-up looks at some of the vital things to do before you start on the highly difficult task of giving up smoking.

Prepare Mentally

Keep telling yourself that it will be a very difficult task to completely quit smoking. Tell yourself everyday and when the pangs start, that you knew this would happen and you will overcome it. Use all your stubbornness and grit to fight the urges to smoke. It will be a good 3-4 weeks before the urges die down.

Mark the Dangerous Territories

Make a list of all the places and times when you smoke. It may be your favorite tea-stall or right after your lunch. Memorize them so that you know when to stay the strongest while fighting your urges.

Form a Reliable Support Circle

Another important reason for people going back to smoke is the highly irritable nature which they develop during the withdrawal symptoms. They become highly unsociable and often break in order to avoid being tagged unsocial. Select a support circle of your friends who are the most patient. Tell them of your intent and ask them for help. Let them know of the bouts of desperation which you will be facing in the coming weeks. Talk to them whenever you feel irritated and grumpy due to the withdrawal.

Consult a Lung Specialist

It is very important that you are under strict medical guidance of a lung specialist during this period. This is important because the withdrawal period may cause severe physical and emotional trauma and the lung specialist will be able to help you tackle that.

Try doing the above before you embark on your attempt to quit smoking. A strong determination, good support system which should include the medical guidance of a lung specialist, will help you immensely in winning the fight. Know that it will not be easy and prepare yourself accordingly. Talk to a lung specialist today. Take up a hobby which you can pursue during the period. Drinking lots of water, deep breathing exercises, regular exercises will also keep you calmer. Tell yourself that it is not an attempt. It is a battle and you will come out victorious no matter what.

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