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The Psychology Of Persuasion Stopping Cigarettes

There is a new field in marketing called persuasion psychology, the skill to get you to buy what they want you to buy. This same psychology is what got you to start smoking and can be used to help you quit cigarettes for life.

If you think back to when you started smoking there were specific influences. Family and friends typically. You wanted to fit in to be a part of a group and be accepted.

Perhaps you bought the story that smoking made you look older, or cool or more sophisticated. This was the aim of the big smoking companies, each had their own image.

The rugged cowboy on a horse, the classy woman or man beautifully dressed often in luxurious surroundings. Our crashing through the jungle in a four-wheel drive only stopping to light up a smoke.

Cigarette companies aligned with sports advertising, selling you a subtle message that smoking and sports were compatible.

Hollywood showed us how cool it is to smoke, how it seemed that smelling like an ashtray was somehow sexy and desirable.

Others bought the message that smoking was a rebellious thing to do. Their parents warned them about the dangers and yet they rebel by smoking, putting out of their minds the health problems and many believe that either they will quit easily when they are ready or that they won’t get cancer.

Millions of people were persuaded to smoke by one form of psychology or another, either intentionally in the case of cigarette companies or by osmosis through friends and family.

The good news is that persuasion methods can be used for both good and evil. You can quickly be subtly persuaded to stop cigarettes. The most successful of these methods is hypnosis.

The best part is that this process happens quickly because in the hypnotic state learning is achieved at an accelerated rate. This happens because we bi-pass the all the resistance and doubt of the conscious mind.

We don’t have to struggle against the conscious minds memories of all the stories of people who found quitting smoking difficult. In hypnosis these stories are of no interest, the unconscious mind just relaxes, and takes on the new information and let’s go of the old.

It’s a bit like working with a computer, garbage in garbage out but good data in, then good data out, it’s almost as simple as that, all that is required in addition is that you want the result.

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