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Time To Dump The Garbage Stop Cigarettes

Imagine you didn’t take out the garbage in your home; your kitchen would be a mess in a week.

And what if the garbage services didn’t remove the rubbish from your city, it would be stinking chaos.

Your body is like a city where only some of the rubbish is only collected, with lots left behind outside your home on the footpath.

Try as you might your body can’t clean itself of all the garbage delivered when you smoke. I’m sure you don’t like to think of it like that, but that’s the reality. Perhaps you start to view smoking as just garbage in with some garbage out it may move you to making a decision quicker about quitting.

You could also argue that unlike the streets you can’t see the garbage. That’s not strictly true either. Few people just smoke in private, so someone knows. Your skin is a good mirror of your internal environment.

Smoking dramatically ages the skin and leaves tell-tale signs especially around the mouth and eyes, plus the general aged appearance.

You can feel the garbage when you cough in the mornings or when your colds last longer than they should.

Or when you climb the stairs and feel your lungs working harder than they should for your age, and of course when your lungs struggle your heart is in the same boat.

The garbage floats around your arteries visiting every corner of your body on its journey, leaving a little behind. Like some yob driving around throwing their takeaway leftovers out of the window of their car.

In the legs it causes vascular problems leading to amputation, in the lungs its cancer, but don’t forget about your brain.

Some 200 of the 4,000 toxic chemicals in cigarettes can enter your brain. And in a state of delusion you imagine that smoking helps you to think better!

Maybe this is just one of the many delusions you believe as a smoker.

You don’t like to think about having a brain full of garbage but that’s what is your reality. Every cell affected by smoking. Imagine your brain looking like the stains on a serious smokers fingers.

But there is another type of garbage, it’s all the beliefs and triggers, all the reasons you smoke and think it is hard to quit.

Hypnosis is the quickest way to get rid of the thinking garbage and free you from smoking. Once you have quit your body can then tackle the task of cleaning the rest out.

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